Girls Feeling Melancholy (女の子は憂鬱を感じる?, lit. On'nanoko wa yūutsu o kanjiru)


Shizuku realizes that the more she spends thinking about things pertaining to Haru, the more her grades suffer, to the extent where she places 29th in the mock exams. At the same time, Oshima struggles with her feelings over Haru and her troubles of being an introvert.

Haru encounters Oshima at lunch where they talk about her not having any friends therefore the group meets at the library to plan strategies on how she can more sociable. Haru and Shizuku then have a fight which results in Shizuku ignoring him for awhile. Oshima reflects on how she has never truly interacted with anyone because she is afraid and notes how Shizuku doesn't mind being alone.

Afterwards Shizuku explains her reasons for avoiding Haru which are then translated by Oshima in an outburst, surprising everyone. Haru eventually takes Shizuku out on their date to the library where she explains that she no longer feels attracted to him. Asako becomes upset because of Shizuku's unwillingness to share her experiences.


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