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Issei Joujima (城島 壱成 ?, lit. Issei Joujima) is one of the characters of Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun and is always seen with Tomio, Mabo, and Yamaken. His nickname is either Joji or George.



Joji's full appearance.

Joji has long black hair and is always seen wearing his glasses. His glasses are colored brown and the pane is somewhat reddish-brown. He is also seen wearing an earring in his right ear and likes to tie his hair.


Joji is always silent and he never talks. He only whispered to someone if he wants to talk to them like he did to Haru. He seems to be kind, and somewhat cheerful. He is always seen playing games on his phone. Mabo said he was once popular with girls.

Plot Edit

His first character debut was during episode one. He used to use and look down on Yoshida Haru , laughing about how stupid Haru was but came to change his mind after Mizutani Shizuku yelled at him and his friends about how they treated Haru.

He follows his group the majority of the time, and is never seen alone. They typically beat up people or hang out at the Batting Centre.

Joji expressions

Joji's facial expression.


Ryuuji Tomioka Edit

His colleague and school mate. They hang out together in a group with Ayanokouji and Yamaken. They're the two in the group that don't speak voluntarily unless it is necessary.

Yamaguchi Kenji Edit

Yamaken and Joujima are school mates. They hang out together in a group with Ayanokouji and Tomioka.

Masahiro Ayanokouji Edit

His colleague and school mate. They hang out together in a group with Yamaken and Tomioka.

Yoshida Haru Edit

Yoshida and Joujima were friends when Yoshida refused to go back to high school at the end of his suspension. Joujima treated Yoshida like a stupid person until Shizuku yelled at him and his friends for treating him badly.

Mizutani Shizuku Edit

His friends and him call her "studybug" as a nickname. Her cold exterior first caught his attention. She yelled at him and his friends for treating Yoshida Haru badly.

Mitsuyoshi Misawa Edit

He works at the Batting Centre where Joujima and his friends usually hang out.

Asako Natsume Edit

He fawns over Asako and her cuteness every time she makes an appearance. She is scared of him.


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