Kiriya is a professor in a university and a friend of Misawa Kyoko.



He seems to be kind and always cheerful.


He met Haru in Yuuzan's birthday party. 



Misawa KyoukoEdit

He was a friend of Kyouko and they both work in the same university.


Yoshida HaruEdit

After meeting him at Yuuzan's birthday party they started to talk about Kyouko. Kiriya even wants to be friends with him. He still is grateful for helping him.


  • (To Haru) "What's this? Well if it isn't Haru."
  • (To Haru) "You didn't even reply to a single one of my letters. Even though I said you would come over.
  • (To Haru) "But I would like to be friends with you. Even Kyouko-san was able to make good use of you.
  • (To Haru) "Haru, here is my phone number. It'd be great if you could fullfil your brother's wishes, right?


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