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Masahiro Ayanokouji (綾小路 昌弘?, lit. Masahiro Ayanokouji) is a member of Kenji's group. His nickname is Mabo.



Mabo's full appearance.

Mabo consists of light brown hair and hazel colored eyes. He wears a light blue characteristic rich school uniform during school days, and wears unzipped jackets with a shirt and a pair of jeans on casual days. Mabo has piercings on both ears and a long canine tooth on the bottom row of his teeth.[1]


He is a part of Kenji's group which is comprised of himself JojiTomio and their leader Kenji. In the Episode 1 he is seen borrowing money from Haru and it is heavily implied that both him and the group have been steadily borrowing money from Haru over a long period of time. Though Mabo and the rest of the group stop using Haru as their own personal cash machine when rebuked by Shizuku and start treating him better afterwards. Later in the story it is revealed that Mabo is the richest member of the group.

Mabo expressions

Mabo's facial expression.


His first character debut was on episode one.

Mabo used to hang out with Haru with his friends. He scammed Haru of his money, usually using excuses like, "I'm broke!" or, "My parents cut me of my allowance!" He sugar coated his plea with, "Aren't we friends?" Out of Kenji, Joji, and Tomio, Mabo is coincidentally the one Yoshida Haru beats up most. Haru nonchalantly throws Mabo around, without even a second thought and without even looking at his face.

There's nothing more to Mabo's thoughts than money, girls, and beating up other people. He usually labels himself and his group as "delinquents," causing trouble around town.

He is infatuated with Asako Natsume, and the trio (Joji and Tomio) flock to her like flies.