Nuisance (やっかい?, lit. Yakkai) An oddball collection students have teamed up to build a chicken coop for Nagoya.


Still on the rooftop Shizuku comes to her senses and says that she didn't really have feelings for Haru, who claims that he is happy with just that. Haru, Asako and Sasayan get permission from the school to keep the rooster in school after Sasayan's pet cat makes it impossible for him to take care of the rooster at home.

The three of them including Shizuku decide to build a chicken coop with help from Haru's punk friends. Afterwards Haru and Shizuku walk home together. Haru expresses that only good things have happened to him ever since he met Shizuku. Shizuku being unable to contain her emotions confesses that she has really fallen in love with him, to which Haru counters that his love for her may be different.

Haru receives a text from Mitsuyoshi that Yuzan is coming to see him to which he asks Shizuku to spend the night at her home.


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