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Ninomiya Saeko (二宮 冴子?, lit. Saeko Ninomiya) is a teacher in Syoyo High School and is the teacher of both Mizutani Shizuku and Yoshida Haru.



 Saeko has short brown hair, and hazel 


Saeko asked Shizuku to deliver some announcements to Haru in exchange for a new study guide. She asked Shizuku to persuade Haru to go to school, but Shizuku refused. Later, she is shown to be worried about Haru, who will be expelled if he kept on missing classes.

Saeko expressions

Saeko's facial expressions.


Saeko is always arguing with Haru because of Nagoya.[2]

Later, the committee accepted Nagoya to live at the school.[3]


After a year of Haru's supension, she calls Shizuku to the teachers' lounge to ask for a favor. Since she's afraid of Haru, she asks Shizuku to convince Haru to return to school.


Yoshida Haru Edit

At first, she was scared of him, ordering Shizuku to bring him back to school, but she cares for him, not wanting him to be expelled from school.

Mizutani Shizuku Edit

They have the typical teacher-student relationship, it's shown that Shizuku is brave enough to stand up to her and even refuse her ordrers. Shizuku even argues with her for extra marks, in the end, Shizuku ends up getting more marks.

Trivia Edit

  • When she is still a newbie, she was assigned to be the homeroom teacher of super problematic Haru, and unable to decline, she still continues to be his homeroom in the second year. But after Haru has blended into the school, her assessment among teachers improved.


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