Spring is Near (春遠からじ ?, lit. Haru tōkaraji)


Few days after New Year, everything come back to normal. As usual, Shizuku is studying when suddenly Haru barges into her room through the window. Haru asking Shizuku if Shizuku has seen "him". Shizuku doesn't understand what Haru means by "him" (because Haru doesn't explain what or who is "him") and asks Haru to calm down and explain everything. Haru replies Shizuku by saying that he wants to keep it a secret and goes away, leaving his phone behind. Then, Haru encounters all of his friends when searching for "him" and always leaving something behind.

Sometimes after, in the same day, Yū Miyama meets Nagoya, Haru's rooster and brings it to Haru's house, where she meets all of Haru's friends who want to return everything that Yoshida leave behind. Then, everyone think if what Yoshida is looking for is Nagoya. When everybody are going to search for Haru to tell him about Nagoya, Shizuku leaves them and goes home.

On her way home, she meets Haru, who tells her that it isn't Nagoya who is he searching for. Haru tells Shizuku that he is searching for a glowing firefly. Unsure about Haru's statement (because it's winter and there can't be firefly) the two of them suddenly see the firefly. Yoshida then states that he actually wants to see the firefly together with Shizuku so he's going through searching for it. Shizuku then tells herself that there are still many stories to be told, which is about her friends and also Haru. Epilogue shows that Yu still waiting at Haru's house with Nagoya, which then she encounters Yuuzan and Mitsuyoshi Misawa, whom are just coming home.