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Mizutani Yoshino (水谷佳乃?, lit. Yoshino Mizutani) is the mother of Mizutani Shizuku and Mizutani Takaya, and is the wife of Mizutani Takashi.


Not much has been said about her appearance, it is mentioned by her husband that Shizuku looks very much like to her. She has long light brown hair and usually seen in her uniform.


Yoshino seems to have a calm and cold personality which Shizuku and Takaya inherited. However, she cares deeply for her family, taking matters into her own hands as soon as she realized her husband was unable to work.


She is considered as a workaholic and is never home. It's possible that because her husband struggles with work, she works overtime to support her family. At one point in the past, she called her husband a failure because she was fed up with his failed attempts at work. She appears only when talking on the phone with Shizuku or sending her a fax.

When it's Shizuku's birthday, she can't leave work to see her. Shizuku gets a little depressed, but Haru Yoshida then lends her his cellphone to call her. Yoshino says sorry, because of work she can't go to see her, and she'll talk to her later. Later Yoshino calls Shizuku and they talk about school, friends and Haru. She tells Shizuku she doesn't have to pick between studying and Haru, because she can get both if she works twice as hard.

So far, she has yet to show her face in either the manga or the anime. In the manga, she's only partially shown. It is possible that she looks like Shizuku.


Mizutani Takashi Edit

She sees her husband as a short and small bastard. She usually says bad things to her husband especially when there's a problem, but she cares and loves him.

Mizutani Shizuku Edit

Yoshino always cares and helps her daughter. In Chapter 24 she was seen talking with Shizuku about her before life and congratulating her on becoming a woman.

Mizutani Takaya Edit

Not much known about their relationship but she loves her son and Shizuku very much, as shown when she sent a fax asking how were they doing.

Trivia Edit

  • When she was a student, she got excellent grades in the government exam but her future dream is to be a ‘bride’.  At the same time as graduation, she got married.


  • "(To Shizuku) Again? That guy... Just how long does he intend to make me work? It's not you who should be apologizing right? I'll figure something out here."
  • "(To Shizuku on Phone) Shizuku? This is rare. Did you buy a cellphone? What did that person do again?"
  • "(To Shizuku) Shizuku. I'm busy right now. I'll call back an hour later. I will finish all the work by then."
  • "(To Shizuku) Fallen in love with someone? I see. A girls life truly starts when they learn of love. When I was your age, I was already a veteran. Congratulations, Shizuku you have become a woman... As expected of my daughter."
  • "(To Shizuku) So that boy, he's a good kid right? I'm talking about the face. The face!"
  • "(To Shizuku) Job well done, Shizuku. You sure are your father's daughter"
  • "(To Shizuku) You've fallen in love, huh, Shizuku?"
  • "(To Shizuku) Balance? Don't be stupid, Shizuku. Stop being so naive."
  • "(To Shizuku) If your going to eat donburi instead of having half-half, just put both the sea urchin and the fish roe together! If you want both of them, That means what you have to do is work twice as hard! Women are extravagant beings. Make sure to take everything you want. Aside from that I like donburi.